Council chief sues libel row ‘witch’

Mark James fears a spell cast by a 'witch' is making him look ridiculous

A COUNCIL chief is suing a blogger he accused of being a witch, claiming she has put a hex on him.

However Carmarthenshire County Council chief executive Mark James, is facing legal action himself from the blogger, who claims she was defamed when Mr James branded her ‘a witch’. 

The local government chief is bringing proceedings against Jacqui Thompson claiming she’s cast a bad spell over him that means he is constantly exposed to ridicule.

Meanwhile Mrs Thompson has issued a libel writ against Mr James following an unruly council meeting in June last year when the chief executive and several councillors accused her of being a ‘witch’ after she tried filming a council meeting using her mobile camera phone.

The £148,000 a year local government chief is using Carmarthenshire tax payers’ cash to fund his very, very expensive legal action because such cases are really only worth bringing if someone else is paying the unbelievably expensive London law firms.

A writ issued by Mr James claims Mrs Thompson has used ‘strange implements’, including spell binding devices called Twitter and a blog, to weave her black magic to make him look foolish. Mr James also claims Mrs Thompson, who lives in Llanwrda, near Llandovery, has a black cat and that local residents have seen her wielding a broom.

Mrs Thompson fumed: “I think it is outrageous that taxpayers’ money is being used to allow Mr James to sue me. As far as I know, Carmarthenshire is the only council in the UK that changed its constitution to protect senior officers from witchcraft.

“I will be defending the case and shall be taking further advice from my barrister,” before adding: “Don’t write anything bad about me, or I’ll you’ll be hearing from my barrister as well.”

A spokeswoman for Carmarthenshire Council confirmed public money is being used to fund Mr James’ improbable legal action. She said: “It is really unusual, and perhaps unlawful, to use public funds in this way but if Mr James brought the action himself and lost he really would look a dick.”

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3 Responses to Council chief sues libel row ‘witch’

  1. Cneifiwr says:

    I think he’s on quite a bit more than £148,000, and my legal advisers have told me to say that he is worth every penny.

  2. Great stuff. I take it you have a good lawyer. Unfortunately it’s so daft, it can’t be distinguished from reality!

  3. I believe Mr. James is paid more than £164,847 annually and then he gets extra as a returning officer and for the various WAG committees he sits on

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