Woman accused of witchcraft after filming councillors

Jacqui Thompson, who is accused of witchcraft, is led away by police

A WOMAN was arrested and accused of witchcraft after she filmed a council meeting in Carmarthenshire on her mobile phone.

Members of Carmarthenshire County Council cowered beneath their seats in the council chamber when 49-year-old Jacqui Thompson stood in the public gallery and filmed a debate over the future of a day centre on her camera phone.

Terrified councillor Pam Palmer screamed ‘witch’ and began frantically yelling when she spotted Mrs Thompson – who has previously criticised the council on her blog – recording the proceedings.

In scenes reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials panic spread through County Hall in Carmarthen with even the authority’s chief executive Mark James joining in the chorus of ‘witch’.

He then challenged the blogger, demanding: “Mrs Thompson, you have been asked time and time again to repent.”

Eventually the police were called after chairman, Councillor Ivor Jackson suspended the meeting, shouting: “You woman, are a witch. Put down your wicked instrument.”

Mrs Thompson’s protestations that she had done nothing wrong only seemed to spread further panic amongst the petrified councillors, who called police.

Four Dyfed Powys Police officers then arrived and handcuffed and arrested Mrs Thompson, of Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire, who had refused to leave the council chamber.

The meeting then broke up with the councillors loudly wailing and praying among themselves.

A spokeswomen for Carmarthenshire Council said Mrs Thompson was repeatedly asked to stop her magic, and her refusal to repent left them no option but to suspend the meeting and call the police.

Mrs Thompson, who tweets under the name @caebrwyn, was then dragged away to Llanelli police station. She said: “I was taken to Llanelli police station where I was kept in cuffs for two hours.

“Eventually they got me to sign a statement confessing I’m a witch, but I didn’t have a solicitor and felt under duress so I’m not sure it’s binding.”

Mrs Thompson is now due to go before a specially arranged court, charged with witchcraft. The special trial, at Llandovery, will be presided over by Dyfed Powys Police Chief Constable Ian Arundale.

The force said when Mrs Thompson is convicted she will either be hanged in the town square, or tied to a dunking stool and lowered into the fast flowing Afon Tywi.

Read more: http://www.thisissouthwales.co.uk/Blogger-arrested-filming-council-meeting/story-12750322-detail/story.html 

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5 Responses to Woman accused of witchcraft after filming councillors

  1. Dic Dyffryn says:

    Setting out her plans for the coming year, the council’s cabinet member with responsibility for Youth Services and Modernising Local Government, Cllr Pam Palmer, 91, said, “We will bring forward plans to tackle the problem of rising child unemployment with innovative chimney sweep and coal hewing apprenticeships for the under-fives. We will also bring new technology into the council with the abolition of the quill pen and the introduction of the “tablet”, a high tech product made of 100% Welsh slate.

    Commenting on the threat of witchcraft in the council chamber, chair of the council, Cllr Ivor Jackson, 88, said that new security measures would be implemented. Henceforth peasantry wishing to enter the public gallery would be searched for items such as black cats and broomsticks. “In particular”, he said, “we will be looking out for the satanic fruit they use to commune with their master, such as apples and blackberries”.

  2. Wonderful, keep it up thanks.

  3. Photon says:

    “How do you know she’s a witch?”

    “Erm, she Tweets like one”.

    “Witch! Witch! Witch!”

  4. Sian caiach says:

    As a Carmarthenshire Councillor I am disturbed at the inference that we have not., to date, done enough to prevent witchcraft disturbing our saintly work for the people of Carmarthenshire. I commend Councillor Ivor Jackson’s improvements to our security which have been prompted by this unfortunate incident. He is an expert in the field as there are many who practice the dark arts in his ward of Llandovery. The statue of local hero Llewelyn ap Gryffydd Fychan was recently stolen using magic, only his empty, undisturbed armour remains.

    In the past we have relied heavily on God to protect us. Councillor Jackson himself led us in prayer at the start of this meeting . Only last month we gave over a quarter of a million pounds of taxpayers money to the evangelical Towey Community Church to build a christian bowling alley in Carmarthen. Its sister charity specialises in the treatment of fallen women but only takes them betwwen the ages of 16 and 28. If only they had got to the witch Jacqui earlier. Their exorcism is legendary.

    We also trust in God implicitly by continually building on undefended flood plains in defiance of the evil book called “Planning Policy Wales”. The Welsh government do not understand that if God did not want us to build houses on flood plains he would not have made them flat, cheap and easy to use. We also regualrly pray to God to treat the sewage in Llanelli as Welsh Water clearly aren’t up to it.
    With so much godliness in this council this attack is a terrible shock. We may have been infiltrated. From now on the chief executive will be allowed to refrain from our prayers to observe any councillors who do not have their hands together and eyes shut.

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