Gavin Henson on a plane

A snake on a plane

FORMER Welsh rugby star Gavin Henson has been suspended by Cardiff Blues after releasing a crate full of venomous snakes on a plane.

Henson, who some years ago starred for the Welsh national team, had been travelling on a flight from Glasgow to Cardiff International Airport when he set the deadly snakes loose using a time release crate.

It has been reported that Henson had one of his henchmen spray the snakes with a special pheromone to make their attack more aggressive.

Two of Henson’s team mates, doing the sort of thing that rugby boys do with each other in the toilets on a long coach journey – or a short flight- were killed by the snakes.

After Henson reached for an oxygen mask the snakes dropped into the cabin causing all sorts of carnage and numerous passengers died while Henson remained ice cool throughout.

The situation was eventually brought under control when Hollywood actor Samuel L Jackson, who was wearing a skirt (which is known as a kilt in Scotland) shot out the windows of the plane with his pistol.

The snakes were then blown out of the windows, and despite the plane rapidly losing air pressure it was landed safely at Cardiff airport.

Henson, who had earlier enjoyed a night out in Glasgow following the Blues’ Friday night defeat in Scotland, said: “Enough is enough. I’ve had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane.”

A Cardiff Blues spokesman confirmed the suspension and admitted: “Enough is enough. We’ve had it with this motherfucker,” before adding: “Of course that’s got to be discussed by the team management on Monday.”

Welsh rugby fan Max Boyce said: “To be honest, at the end of the day, if truth be told I wasn’t even sure if Gavin Henson still plays rugby. Cardiff, well I never.”

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