Welsh is too complicated, says minister


“Let me clear my throat,” Leighton Andrews AM gets ready to tackle the tricky Welsh language

THE Welsh Government is considering giving up on the Welsh language as it fears it is just too ‘complicated’.

The minister with responsibility for the language, Leighton Andrews said the whole Cymraeg thing was getting to be a bit of a pain in the arse. 

Mr Andrews, who is the education minister, said: “Welsh, or Cymraeg if you like, is complex and I have concerns over its reasonableness and proportionality.”

Asked to explain Mr Andrews added: “C’mon it’s bloody hard going at times, and I think some words are just unreasonable and out of all proportion to simple conversation.

“Is there any need for ‘Os gwelwch yn dda’? What’s wrong with just using ‘please’? Or ‘plis’ if, you insist?”

The Labour minister said the number of Lls, Dds, Chs and even Ngs, FFS added to the whole over complication of the situation.

“I’ve tried and I just can’t do it,” said an exasperated Mr Andrews: “It’s too hard, I don’t get it.”

He suggested instead of speaking ‘full Welsh’ people could just add in handy words at the start and end of their conversations, such as ‘Bore Da’ and ‘Hwyl fawr am y tro’ in the style of BBC Wales presenter Derek Brockway when introducing the weather forecast on the evening news.

However spokesman for Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (Welsh Language Society),  Dean Trist, denied the language is too complex.

“It’s nonsense to indicate Welsh is a language requiring such dexterity of cerebral fortitude that it is beyond the comprehension of those engaged in commonplace conversations,” said Mr Trist who added no special intelligence is required to speak the language: “Welsh is such an easy language even Welsh rugby player and all round arse Mike Phillips speaks it.”


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1 Response to Welsh is too complicated, says minister

  1. Ryan says:

    English is much harder than welsh, there are so many weird words and rules:
    ‘Island’ – but you pronounce it ‘iland’
    ” i before e, except after e ” -with about 150 exemptions!
    “eats shoots & leaves”

    In welsh ” you say what you see! ”
    You gotta be committed when you learn a language, otherwise, don’t bother!

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