Trundle nets MP own goal

Lee Trundle is a forthright communicator

A LABOUR MP has been accused of scoring an own goal after appointing a professional footballer as his official spokesman.

Geraint Davies has come under fire after claiming Swansea would overtake Cardiff as Wales’ top city.

Former Swansea City star Lee Trundle issued the statement attacking the Welsh capital, on behalf of his new employer. 

Issued in Mr Davies’ name it quoted the Swansea West member as saying: “Swansea’s miles better than Cardiff, which is a shit hole, and we’ve got a Premiership football side.”

He claimed the westerly city was poised to poach trade from its traditional rival as its football club, known as the Swans, compete in the Premier League, while Cardiff City toil away in the Championship, one tier further down the English football pyramid.

“That means the Swans highlights are shown on BBC One’s Match of the Day with Cardiff featuring in the tediously long Football League Show. Crucially as MOTD is shown before midnight on a Saturday lots of important, international business types, like Richard Branson, will be watching and will get to know Swansea. They will have nodded off by the time some journey man ex footballer is discussing Cardiff’s latest 1-0 victory in the small hours of a Sunday morning.”

But critics have rounded on Mr Davies since issuing his statement, through Trundle, in a boring pub argument while taunting supporters of the Cardiff Blues rugby side in the wake of their 17-12 defeat at the hands of Swansea based Ospreys on New Year’s Day.

Trundle, who has taken the political role to supplement his income at Welsh Premier League side Neath (are we sure that’s not a rugby side? ed), was unrepentant yesterday.

The cheeky Scouse chappie said: “Fuck off Cardiff.”

Pressed further Trundle insisted: “If I was the chief executive of a FTSE 100 company I would save time and money by exploring new business opportunities while watching Match of the Day, rather than bothering with a bloody atlas, who reads books nowadays eh?”

Professor of Welshness at Aberystwyth University, Meurig ap Cymro, said: “That old chestnut? Swansea and Cardiff have long fought over who has the best football team, shops and even universities, as if any of them are educated, to try and claim to be Wales’ best city, but if you wanted a real competition a race to the bottom would be better.”

Political analysts suggested Davies, who previously represented Croydon from 1997 until losing his seat at the 2005 general election, was probably just trying to win easy headlines by making a populist claim that’s of no real significance.

WNN pits Wales’ two biggest cities against each other


Population: Massive, compared to Swansea

Food: Clark’s Pies, available from all good chippies

Football club: Cardiff City, 1927 FA Cup Winners

Celebrity: Charlotte Church

Beach: Pebble beach at nearby Penarth


Population: Massive, compared to Newport

Food: Cockles, available from Swansea market

Football club: Swansea City, 1994 Autoglass Trophy winners

Celebrity: Catherine Zeta Jones

Beach: Sandy, near the city centre

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