Council’s offices look so cheap

The Welsh Government says its new offices are a cut above neighbouring council buildings

A THRIFTY council has been slapped down after asking if it could share use of the toilets at the Welsh Government’s swish new local offices.

Cheeky Ceredigion County Council had tried to blag use of the loos and other top class facilities such as a canteen and meeting rooms at the Welsh Government’s swanky new office complex in Aberystwyth. 

However council staff have been told to stick to their own new offices, built at a fraction of the cost of the palatial government block, on an adjoining site in Aberystwyth.

Penny pinching council officials hoped to save costs when they agreed with the Welsh Government to commission smart new neighbouring office buildings.

The collaboration turned sour as it soon became apparent the council wasn’t so willing to put its hands in its pockets, the council’s scrimping meaning it eventually paid 40 per cent less for its new building than the government did on the £21 million project.

The Welsh Labour government said it was unimpressed with the council’s ‘cheapskate’ attitude to the project  and pointed out the council had built a poor man’s version of its new office, and spent £5 million less of the taxpayer’s cash than it had.

Spokeswoman Hyacinth Bwced said: “It’s Bookit. My name, it’s pronounced Bookit.

“Our prestige building’s original design has elaborate coffered ceilings which were omitted from the council offices. The building’s natural ventilation system was changed, enabling savings in steelwork costs.

“Other changes included using a different roof covering, changing the method of slab construction on the ground floor and adopting a different type of floor slab on upper levels. Honestly,  you get what you pay for.

“I would say our offices aren’t just any governmental buildings, they are the Marks & Spencer’s of governmental buildings. Ceredigion council, it looks like there’s came from Aldi, no Lidl.”

A council spokesman confirmed: “We’re not proud, we did ask but we were told to bugger off. Can I be cheeky and borrow a fag?”

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