Carwyn Jones questions old man’s generosity

Carwyn Jones says he is unconvinced that Rhodri Morgan exists

WELSH First Minister Carwyn Jones is at the centre of a storm after casting doubt on a popular legend.

His shock comments have left supporters dumbfounded and questioning if the Welsh Labour chief had thought his words through before agreeing to be interviewed live on S4C. 

Mr Jones told the channel’s Wedi 7 programme he didn’t believe in the myth of a kindly, hairy old man who’d brought many gifts to Wales.

Viewers quickly took to showing off on Twitter, with accusations that the comments, on the early evening programme broadcast just after seven o’clock, could have caused upset in the unlikely event any children would have been watching.

Mr Jones told the programme he didn’t actually believe that former First Minister Rhodri Morgan was more popular than Jesus and the Beatles, had invented Wales, personally delivered free bus passes to every pensioner in Wales, paid prescription charges with his own credit card and co-wrote Catatonia’s best selling International Velvet album.

He said not even his young children believed the myths surrounding his predecessor.

But those comments unleashed a backlash on Twitter. User Rhys Aneurin demanded a public apology while Carwyn Tywyn claimed : “This could be worse for #Labour than the Sheffield Rally, Jennifer’s Ear and the 1983 Manifesto rolled into one!”

A clearly offended Ffion Lewis took to Twitter to tell the 97 followers of her Ffiiiz feed: “Hang on, did Carwyn Jones say that? Haha Idiot politician.”

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