Smoked out, council proposes park ban

These lads are concerned at plans to ban smoking from a city's parks

TEENAGERS face being driven out of a city’s parks if a ban on smoking is imposed, it has been claimed. 

Youngsters regularly congregate in playgrounds across Cardiff to share cheap cider and smoke cigarettes and other substances.

But Cardiff Council is now threatening to make all of its parks off limits to children who enjoy a smoke.

The Welsh Government could also follow suit and outlaw smoking in public places across Wales out of fear that unless it bans something else soon it could be seen as less draconian than a local council.

A report prepared for the council confirmed: “There is evidence of high levels of smoking-related litter within outdoor play areas.”

Despite clear evidence that youngsters enjoy a smoke at the swings anti-smoking group Ash Cymru was last night sticking to its guns.

Chief executive Elen De Lacy pointed to its own research: “Our study showed 77 per cent of adults surveyed supported a smoking ban in outdoor children’s play areas.”

Cardiff teenager Benson Hedges complained: “For fuck’s sake, where are we supposed to go and enjoy ourselves? They’ve already banned smoking in pubs, where are kids supposed to go? It is meant to be our playground.

“Me and my mates all loves to sit down the park, going twos on a ciggie, share a flagon of cider, or if we got a bit of spare cash we’ll even get some cans in before discussing the issues of the day over a spliff.”

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