Friend request for help to find wanted tenor

Wynne Evans has so far foiled South Wales Police's attempts to capture him with this cunning disguise

ONE of Wales’ most wanted men remains on the loose – years after he changed his name on Facebook and the FBI blocked police from investigating his new profile.

Tenor Wynne Evans has been ‘missing’ for more than three years after fleeing Cardiff when cops began investigating crimes he’d committed against opera.

Evans cunningly changed his name to Gio Compario on the social networking website Facebook, and went on to commit further high profile public order singing offences.

It is understood Evans/Compario has so far evaded police by constantly moving locations and travelling through time, singing bad operatic puns and rhymes along the way.

Upset opera buffs told police in June 2009 the tenor had set up a new Facebook profile and his only friends were his family in Cardiff.

While there was nothing on Facebook suggesting Evans was communicating with his family, police feared Evans could be sending them private messages.

Evans had been seen travelling back to the prehistoric ages, the Egyptian pyramids,  a desert island and even into space, committing further crimes against music. Evans then used his Gio Compario profile to post videos of his most offensive vocal antics on Facebook.

South Wales Police officers insist on sitting behind their desks in an attempt to catch the Cardiff tenor on the social network. But because Facebook is a US-based company, police forces across the UK must first ‘become friends’ with the FBI on the social network before being allowed to gather ‘high level’ intelligence on suspected criminals, such as Evans, from the website.

It is understood South Wales Police sent a ‘Friend request’ to the FBI on Facebook – which was quickly declined.

A spokeswoman for South Wales Police said that despite the block by sunglasses-wearing FBI officials, the authority would not stop its bobbies surfing Facebook at the station and instead put them back on the beat.

She said: “South Wales Police is committed to investigating crime as thoroughly as possible so victims may receive justice. If we can do that on The Facebook without leaving the office that’s even better.

“We regularly monitor The Facebook and other social networking sites to maximise intelligence gathering opportunities, and we will not stop doing this because the FBI tell us to.

“If the FBI wants to talk about this issue in greater depth, I suggest they accept the authority’s new friend request on The Facebook and we can talk about it on Facebook Chat.”

The spokeswoman added that Evans was armed (with poorly rhyming operatic puns) and dangerous and should not be approached by the public.

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