Acorah sounds warning over organ law

TV medium Derek Acorah has raised doubts over the Assembly's ability to legislate on organ donation

A LEADING television psychic has raised serious questions over the Welsh Government’s plan to use its new law making powers to tell the dead what to do.

The Government has scrawled plans on a clean, new sheet of A4 white paper to pass a law insisting the deceased must give up their organs for transplant operations.

But Derek Acorah, Britain’s top celebrity medium, has questioned whether the Assembly has the power to reach out to the other side and implement its new law.

First Minister Carwyn Jones said he’d now photocopied the white paper and hailed it as a ‘momentous day’ for the Welsh Government.

“It’s like our first proper day at school. This isn’t make believe any more, this is real, we really can do what we want.

“When this bill goes before the Assembly and is passed, it means we as a government will have the power to tell dead people what to do.

“I’m sure if you ask people they’d have an opinion about organ donation, but honestly I don’t give a fuck about people’s opinions now I’ve got the power to tell them what to do, even if they are dead.”

However former Wrexham footballer Acorah, who is guided by an Ethiopian spirit guide called Sam, suggested the move may be beyond the Assembly’s power: “It’s not clear that this is within the Assembly’s legislative competence. Subject nine in Schedule seven to the Government of Wales Act 2006 gives the Assembly competence to legislate on ‘health and health services’, but I wouldn’t say that goes as far as legislating beyond the grave.

“The Welsh Government has consistently asserted that this matter is within the Assembly’s legislative competence, but it has not explained its reasoning for this.

“This is unlikely to be resolved without a judgement of the UK Supreme Court. This would not be an interference with devolved powers, but simply clarification of them.”

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