AM pleads innocence over microphone guff

"What? It was her..."

AN Assembly Member is seeking an apology after a row erupted
over an embarrassing apparent microphone guff.

North Wales AM Mark Isherwood said he was framed by Presiding Officer Rosemary Bulter for a fart that cleared the Welsh Assembly chamber last week.

A loud sound was picked up by the sensitive Senedd microphones as Mr Isherwood sat down after speaking at the seat of the Welsh Government. The subsequent shock and smell forced members to temporarily evacuate the room in order for civil servants to give the room a good spray of Febreeze.

Mr Isherwood is refusing to accept responsibility for the sound and subsequent shitty pong, which he said was caused by notorious prankster Mrs Butler. He claims Mrs Butler placed a whoopee cushion on his chair and threw a vial of fart gas in the chamber to dupe others into thinking he had caused the rotten stench.

Describing her actions as an ‘error of judgement’, Mr Isherwood pleaded: “The Senedd chamber must be a place of open debate between all individuals and parties, not a stage for childish tomfoolery and cheap tricks.

“I hope therefore the Presiding Officer, who on a personal level I have always got on well with, has the courtesy to make contact with me and clear my name.

“I’m already sick of the whispering and nicknames in the chamber, as well as the empty seats beside me whenever brussell sprouts are on the menu in the Senedd canteen.”

Denying Mr Isherwood’s claims, a spokesman for Mrs Butler said: “The Presiding Officer is horrified at the suggestion she would do something like this to an Assembly Member.

“If anything, Mr Isherwood’s actions only make him look more guilty. He seemed pretty keen to get out of the chamber at the time with his hand over his face, and everyone knows that usually whoever smelt it dealt it.”

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