Nuclear fears for Welsh coastline

The South Wales coast is trembling with fear - as this photo shows

PARTS of the South Wales coastline are thought to have literally crumbled with fear at the prospect of a nuclear disaster in the Bristol Channel. 

Around 40 foot of rock came away from the cliff face at a caravan park in the Vale of Glamorgan leaving 13 (spooky, eh) caravans hanging from the edge of the cliff.

A spokesman for the local Green Party, with absolutely no scientific or geological qualifications, said the fall was the earth’s response to unease amongst local residents at the possibility that a new generation nuclear power plant could be developed at the existing Hinkley Point reactor – just 15 miles across the Severn Estuary.

Vale of Glamorgan councillors have agreed to meet to discuss what sort of tokenistic – yet inevitably useless – response it should make in the event of an accident at the plant.

Residents, who lead an otherwise comfortable life in  the affluent Vale, are concerned the South Wales coast would go the way of northern Japan after the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster earlier this year should some dodgy wiring go wrong or if anyone sticks an aluminium can in the staff microwave at Hinkley Point.

Vale council leader Gordon Kemp said: “The council has a well-established generic emergency response procedure for responding to emergencies and incidents that affect the residents and communities of the Vale but these are far more what you might call er,.. British emergencies like flooding or heavy snow.

“The Civil Protection Unit leads the tactical response, this includes an emergency control room. It’s unhelpful to suggest that in a nuclear disaster this is probably as effective as a chocolate tea pot . Let’s calm down it probably won’t happen anyway, fingers crossed.”

Despite fears that Penarth’s Victorian Pier may melt into the sea councillors will be told that Barry Island would likely remain unchanged by any nuclear disaster.

Environmental campaigner and Barry councillor Rob Curtis said: “The Vale is the closest part of Wales to Hinkley, and this proposed development could have a profound effect on its residents.

“I hope lessons have been learned from what has happened in Japan earlier this year, I’d quite like to know how I’m going to die a horrible death in a disaster on an unimaginable scale.”

Tourism chiefs are meanwhile counting the cost of the the erosion of the Vale coastline which comes just days after leading travel guide, Lonely Planet named the Welsh coastline as ‘the greatest region on Earth to visit in 2012’.

A spokeswoman for Visit Wales said: “Damn, just when you think something’s going well it all starts to fall apart, literally. Don’t tell Lonely Planet.”

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