Emergency service for Facebooker

Peter Casaru has thousands of Facebook friends who've confused him with 80s pop star Peter Casio

A DUMBFOUNDED Facebook user from Mid Wales called 999 after experiencing problems with the social networking site’s new look.

Brecon shop owner Peter Casaru called emergency services when he was unable to navigate his way around the controversial new layout that has pissed off millions of people with nothing better to do with their time. 

Photo store boss Peter sent worrying, cryptic messages to Facebook friends crying for help following the recently instigated changes.

Millions of Facebook members have taken to the social networking site itself to complain about the recent alterations.

People will continue to moan until they realise they’re addicted to the site, become accustomed to the subtle changes and revert back to telling the world about every detail of their dull, inane existence.

Troubled Peter muddled his way around Facebook to post ‘Urgent please help’ as his status, promptly receiving 11 inappropriate ‘Likes’ from his online buddies.

But when Mr Casaru was not getting the help he needed from his online friends he phoned 999 for assistance instead.

In testament to the operator who answered his SOS, Peter, said: “They saved my life. If I hadn’t called I may have been lying on the floor unable to use Facebook all day and gone into shock.

“The operator told me had I gone into shock.”

With a little instruction and encouragement, the operator helped Peter get to grips with the troublesome new layout.

Recalling the joyous moment when he was fully back in Facebookland, Peter added: “It took me about an hour and a half to scroll across my profile page, but eventually I posted that I had got to grips with everything thanks to a little help.

“I didn’t know what was happening and I thought people might think I was joking.”

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