Wily Wanker wins ‘Golden Ticket’ battle

He doesn't have a gun pointed at him, he's doing the Ayatollah -Ridsdale did his best to fit in at Cardiff City

A CLEVER football chairman who was alleged to have duped football fans with a ‘Golden Ticket’ offer has seen all charges against him dropped.

Wily Wanker, real name Peter Ridsdale, had promised five lucky fans finding Golden Tickets in Peters’ Pies products that one of them would win the chance to become a Cardiff City player.

Fans munched their way through pasties, pies and sausage rolls in the hope of finding a lucky ticket and the chance to turn out for the Bluebirds.

Five winners arrived at the Cardiff City Stadium with high expectations but all of them saw their hopes dashed by Wily Wanker – despite one of them being a professional footballer.

A transfer embargo placed on the club by the FA meant City weren’t legally able to sign any of the hopefuls.

This week Ridsdale, a former chairman of Cardiff City, was cleared of any wrongdoing by Cardiff Magistrates Court over the Golden Ticket fiasco.

The court was told City had later signed one of the competition’s entrants, Jon Parkin, as a goodwill gesture after initial bad feeling over the contest.

Despite being a professional footballer Parkin was actually employed as a gardener before being loaned to lowly Doncaster Rovers, now managed by Dean Saunders.

Fellow competition finalist, young Charlie Bucket, of Splott, said: “I’ve always wanted to play for Cardiff and I really thought this was my chance, but when we turned up at the stadium, Mr Ridsdale said none of us had won. It made me cry. I think he’s just plain mean.”

Wily Wanker Ridsdale said following the hearing: “The scheme was a genuine attempt to say ‘Hey, come and play for Cardiff City because we’re really short of players.’

“Did the competition indicate that one winner would join the squad? Yes, of course we indicated we would sign one of them if we could, but we couldn’t.

“But I personally never said that we would. That was the critical thing. It was accepted in court.

“Ha ha ha.”

Ridsdale is no stranger to controversy. Former clubs where
he has been chair, including Leeds United, Barnsley and presently Plymouth Argyle, have all run into trouble during his tenure or shortly after he fled the club.

Read more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-15073329


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