Record breaking ‘mum’s’ Facebook deception

One of the pictures Jones, standing far left, posted on Facebook

A WELSH teacher is to be stripped of her world record for most births after it emerged she had duped Guinness record chiefs by using the Facebook social networking site.

Victoria Jones, a 23-year-old teacher at  Ringland Primary School in Newport had been recognised as the record breaking woman who’d given birth to more children than any other. 

The teacher and apparent mother of 30 is shown in the 2010 Book of World Records proudly posing with the children she told record compilers had all been born to her at Caerphilly District Miners’ Hospital.

But it has since emerged the children, pictured standing proudly in a school gymnasium – mostly looking smart in school uniforms with one or two scruffy ones pulling rude faces – had never been born to Jones – who is in fact childless.

In reality the pictures were of Jones and her primary school class and the cunning teacher had simply posted them onto to her Facebook page and claimed all the kids had been born to her.

She then submitted them to Guinness, claiming all the children pictured were her’s. A string of fantasy emails -sent by Jones – supported her claim to be the world’s most fertile woman.

Last night Guinness editor Norris McWhirter (the old bloke off Roy Castle’s Record Breakers – it was his brother who was killed by the IRA) blasted Jones, saying: “She has weaved an elaborate web of deceit.

“We are satisfied Miss Jones’ actions fall short of that expected of a record breaker and has brought world record breaking into disrepute.

“She used the photos to support a fictitious tale in her personal cause. We are satisfied she copied photos of the children from Facebook.

“This was serious misconduct which took place over a prolonged period of time and involved deception.”

Former Record Breakers host Castle also joined in the chorus of disapproval. Holding a trumpet he said: “Dedication.  Dedication.  Dedication.

“That’s what you need. If you wanna be the best, and you wanna beat the rest. Oo-ooh!  Dedication’s what you need, not deception, dedication – though I suppose in a funny way she had that.”

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