Politicians to square off in cage fight

Faceoff. In the orange corner.... Kirsty Williams, and her opponent, in the blue corner, Cheryl Gillan

THE two highest profile women in Welsh politics are set to fight each other in a cage.

Welsh Lib Dem leader Kirsty Williams has challenged the Conservative Secretary of State for Wales, Cheryl Gillan to go toe to toe with her in a cage fight. 

Self styled ‘Torinator’ Williams issued the challenge at a highly charged press conference in Birmingham.

The Brecon bruiser claimed such an event would attract a crowd of hundreds of beered up political junkies, lusting for blood and good old girl on girl action.

However critics have said such scenes have no place in the modern world of consensual politics.

Despite conceding a considerable weight advantage to her Conservative rival, Williams was prepared to talk a good fight at this week’s press conference.

The mother of three boasted: “Tories are lower than vermin, I’m going to kick that bitch’s ass.”

Williams further cranked up the rivalry by suggesting if you’re going to have an over privileged public school boy in your corner at a cage fight, she’d rather it be Nick Clegg than David Cameron.

She also suggested that Cameron wasn’t confident that Gillan would put up a good fight, before using the ultimate female insult, describing the Welsh Secretary as, ‘Shallow Cheryl.”

Last night Gillan, who is based at her training camp deep in the English countryside, was keeping tight lipped over any possible fight.

However Gillan’s entourage say they’re fed up of Williams’ posturing. An insider said: “Kirsty’s approach at the moment seems to be to stamp her feet until she gets what she wants. It’s astonishing to suggest the Secretary of State couldn’t deliver a knockout blow in a fight between the two of them.”

Despite fevered speculation among political watchers others have expressed concerns at what they’ve called a ‘barbaric spectacle.’

The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan blasted: “This is sick, absolutely disgraceful and I would call on social services to step in.

‘I can’t believe their husbands would allow their wives to participate in this barbarity.”

UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt admitted he was uneasy at the prospect but suggested it could provide a vital ratings boost for S4C: “Getting more girls doing sport is great but I do ask myself whether it really does have to be in a cage.

‘It just feels to me, it feels very barbaric and I know there are concerns about chicks doing a sport like that.

‘I think if blokes choose to do it, that’s one thing … I suppose I do share some of the shock that I think many potential viewers may feel.”

Star Lib Dem celebrity supporter, early 1980’s kids TV presenter Floella Benjamin has however defended Williams.

The Play School star said: “If she wasn’t cage fighting, she would probably be chucking stones at buses and giving people grief or those dreaded Focus leaflets you get through the door. It’s unlikely she will ever learn some respect but at least she he might get a smack across the chops.

“Give me five!!”

Read More http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/2011/09/22/lib-dem-leader-in-wales-kirsty-williams-launches-attack-on-welsh-secretary-cheryl-gillan-55578-29465208/


Name: Cheryl 'Taffy' Gillan Age: Definitely older Dress size: Marisota Children: Don't know, has a dog

Name: Kirsty 'The Torinator' Williams Age: The younger one Dress size: Eight/possibly nine Children: Churns them out




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