‘Achtung! Please die’

Pauline, Rose and Flintshire Council have tried a wide variety of methods to get rid of Jerry

TWO women from North Wales say they want the German war veterans they share their council house with dead.

Pauline Sendall and Rose Williams, of Bagillt, near Holywell, admit to trying to trap and even poison their elderly, war-ravaged housemates – who they refer to as ‘Jerry’.

The duo say their relatively harmless co-habitants, who survived gunshots, grenades, mustard gas and even trench foot during World War II, simply ‘won’t die’.

After several unsuccessful attempts to do away with the battle-hardened group, the unhappy North Walian pair are now calling for the help of Flintshire Council to get rid of their unwanted Germans once and for all.

“I have traps lying around the house, but they just run past them,” confessed Pauline, “They are very clever. I always say I have Jerry living here – they will come out from the cupboards and just sit and look at you.”

Rose added: “I have got that much poison in my house it could kill what’s left of their army, but it does nothing to them.”

Pauline said she had become increasingly concerned about the influence her unwanted housemates may have on her family. She said one of the German war veterans, who is incontinent, was a particular cause for discomfort: “They are in my bedroom, my kitchen,
everywhere. I see at least one every day, but I’m terrified of them – every time I see one I shout and scream.

“I’m most worried about them being in the bedrooms when the children are sleeping.  I have found droppings behind my bed – it’s very concerning.”

53-year-old Rose said the hungry former soldiers had been known to chew through her belongings when they were unable to buy bratwurst from Aldi.

“I’m sick to death of it. I can hear them in the bathroom and in my airing cupboard.

“It’s very unhygienic to have them in the house.

“I can’t afford to keep throwing my furniture away – I haven’t got the money to replace the stuff they keep chewing.”

Read more: http://www.leaderlive.co.uk/news/106358/flintshire-neighbours-battle-the-mice-that-won-t-die.aspx

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