Over 90s face vintage rally to keep their driving licences

Elderly ladies and gentlemen... start your engines!

WELSH pensioners are to compete in a Wacky Races-style contest across South Wales in a bid to keep their driving licences.

Nearly 4,000 drivers aged 90 and over will be put through their paces next month to ensure they are still capable of driving on Welsh roads.

The OAPs, one of whom is 101-years-old, will start their engines in Llansamlet, joining the M4 at junction 44 and making their way to the finish at junction 28 on the outskirts of Newport.

Drivers will need to achieve a qualifying time of 1 hour and 10 minutes to retain their licence – a time which also allows for a toilet break and cup of tea at the motorway services.

Those who arrive at junction 28 after that time – or who crash on the way – will automatically be disqualified from driving by the DVLA.

The ‘vintage rally’ has been criticised by many motorists, after it was announced that the M4 will be closed for a whole day in order for the race to be held.

But chief driving examiner with the Institute of Advanced Motorists, Peter Rodger, insisted the motorway closure was for the greater good, as it would improve general driving conditions on roads across the country.

He said: “We all know how bloody irritating it is when you’re following one of these doddering old fools in rush hour.

“They never overtake tractors or other slow moving vehicles and rarely come within 30 mph of speed limits. They’re also a bloody nightmare on the motorway – sitting in the middle lane for no apparent reason. This race should help get the worst ones off the road.

“Unfortunately the race does necessitate the closure of the M4 for a day. But in my opinion, this rally has the potential to get between 3,000 and 3,250 of the ancient drivers off of our roads for good.”

If successful, it is hoped the initiative can be rolled out to a much broader age range to eradicate general motorists who come under the bracket of ‘shit drivers’.

Read more: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2011/09/18/nearly-4-000-drivers-over-90-on-welsh-roads-figures-reveal-91466-29442325/

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