Hole-y moly – tourist attraction reopens

Spin-off merchandise promoting the newly reopened hole is selling well

A POPULAR North Wales visitor attraction has returned – bigger and better than ever before.

A 40ft-wide hole next to a primary school in the community of Halkyn Mountain, Clwyd is causing a stir.

The site had provided an unlikely tourism pull last year, before inconsiderate contractors covered it up with a concrete cap.

Earlier this week experts were called in to confirm that a new crater was indeed a erm… hole, giving the green light for the site to be reopened 24 hours a day. Tourists have since flocked to the area to take a look at the famous gap- which many say is even better than before.

Halkyn councillor Colin Legg praised the tourist magnet and said locals were coping well with the obvious rise in visitors to their usually quiet community.

He said: “This hole is almost twice as big as the one that appeared last year.

“People in the village seem to have taken it in their stride, and the area around the hole has been made safe to maximise this tourism opportunity.”

As well as fast food stands popping up around the popular site, t-shirt manufacturers are making a killing with tops bearing slogans such as ‘Halkyn – one hell of a hole’.

Landowners Grosvenor Estates were given the green light to reopen the site earlier this week, following a site visit by experts.

Hole specialist Keith Cratercreator told WNN: “I’ve visited the site today, and in accordance with earlier suspicions, I can confirm that Halkyn does indeed have a hole on its hands.”

Staff at nearby Ysgol Rhesycae said the school were in regular contact with parents about an upcoming school trip to the hole.

Read more:  http://www.leaderlive.co.uk/news/106296/giant-crater-reopens-next-to-flintshire-primary-school.aspx

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