Big Bad Wolf costs OAP £11k

Susan Fawcett-Gandy holds on for dear life in the midst of another Big Bad Wolf attack

A PENSIONER is threatening legal action against an insurance company who won’t pay out on a Big Bad Wolf policy.

82-year-old Susan Fawcett-Gandy says the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed until he blew her barn-turned-house down in January this year.

But despite having held an insurance policy with Big Bad Wolf cover for more than 40 years, the old timer has been left £11,000 out of pocket.

Never Never Land Insurance said they would not refund the cost of the repairs due to
previous records indicating that wolves are incapable of blowing down stone

Mrs Fawcett-Gandy, of Brecon, said: “What they said in one of their letters was that I hadn’t taken ‘reasonable care of the barn’. Does that mean I should have given it a brandy in the evening when I had mine and taken it to bed with me or something? How do you take reasonable care?

“I can fully understand why Never Never Land Insurance wouldn’t insure my house of
straw or my house of sticks, but they should be willing to pay out on my brick
barn. It was part of my policy.”

She added: “I just feel that ethically they were very wrong, because they
should have been able to judge and recognise that severe puffs from a wolf can
bring buildings down.

“I’m very disappointed. I feel they’ve been very dishonourable. I’m going to fight
it as much as I’m able to.”

Captain J Hook of Never Never Land Insurance said: “We all know that the animal in
question is not able to blow down a house of bricks.

“The Big Bad Wolf cover was created for that reason – no firm brick building would
be susceptible to an ‘attack’ of this nature.”

Mr Hook added that Mrs Fawcett-Gandy had been given £100-worth of fairy dust to
apologise for the delays she had experienced with her claim.

Mrs Fawcett-Gandy branded the compensation ‘an insult’ and said it was ‘beyond

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