Viewers get touchy over Torchwood

It's scenes like this that have angered some Torchwood viewers

SEEMINGLY homophobic television viewers are appealing for the BBC to pre-warn them of gay content in hit Welsh drama Torchwood.

The show, created by Welsh writer Russell T Davies, came under fire this week for showing a love scene between two men – described by one less than liberal viewer as ‘gay porn’.

The Cardiff-based BBC show, a spin-off of Dr Who, received more than 500 complaints about the scene featuring John Barrowman’s character Captain Jack.

For it seems that while Torchwood viewers are open-minded enough to believe in time-travelling villains and alien life in Cardiff, they cannot afford the same sense of reality about homosexual relationships.

One ‘disgusted’ viewer said: “I had to turn it off as my grandson, an avid sci-fi fan, was in the room.

“He’s already asking if he can visit the Torchwood headquarters, I’m afraid he’ll want to go up their secret passage.”

Another took to the social networking website Facebook to moan:  “Last night’s episode was a bit too much though. There was no warning of the explicit gay content and it felt out of place and not needed. It has put me right of [sic] watching it now. Totally gross.”

A spokesman for the BBC, who definitely wasn’t gay in order not to offend viewers, said: “We’ve received complaints from some viewers who feel there is too much gay content in Torchwood.

“We aim to depict relationships whether heterosexual or homosexual in an honest and realistic way. These scenes are not meant to cause offence.”

The BBC is now said to be considering the pre-show prompt, ‘The following programme features scenes of gay activity which some narrow-minded viewers may find offensive’, before screenings of Torchwood to warn fans.

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One Response to Viewers get touchy over Torchwood

  1. eyeonwales says:

    Well said, some very dissapointing and disturbing comments being posted on walesonline on this.

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