Top prize for rugby writer

Award winning journalist Chrs Rattue has questioned the professionalism of the Welsh rugby team

A NEW ZEALAND rugby writer has been awarded the country’s top journalism honour after revealing Wales are ‘second rate cart horses’ and the ‘village idiots’ of the world game.

Chris Rattue, the New Zealand Herald’s top rugby reporter, was awarded the Sir Terry McLean National Sports Journalism prize for his string of exclusives that revealed the Welsh national side were:

*Second rate cart horses unwilling to put their bodies on the line


*The village idiots of world rugby

*And a reserve-grade team playing like they are on an end-of-year trip to Majorca.

Mr Rattue, who is known as the All Black Woodward and Bernstein, also broke rugby’s all time top scoop when he exclusively revealed Wales’ 2007 Rugby World Cup coach Gareth Jenkins pulled his tactics from a Christmas cracker.

The 49-year-old hack, who’s probably fairly decent at playing with odd shaped balls himself, said he’d grown up watching Welsh stars such as Gareth Edwards and Barry John help the British Lions beat New Zealand in 1971. He admired the mighty Welsh side of the 70s but had twigged that standards had slipped over the past 20 years.

Judges praised the Auckland based scribe’s insightful analysis, such as: “Over the years something has gone terribly wrong with how the game is run in Wales.

“A lot of their players have not been good enough and I have seen plenty of games where either players weren’t fit or they just don’t make the mark.

“There have been a number of games against the All Blacks where the Wales players haven’t been willing to die for the cause. I don’t see them diving for every tackle.”

Chair of the judging panel and top all time New Zealand sportsman Clark McConachy, announced Mr Rattue’s award at a fancy Invercargill diner, where guests were treated to a slap up meal of mashed potatoes and New Zealand lamb burgers.

Mr McConachy, said: “Some people say Chrissy is a bit or dag but he tells it as he sees it and sometimes you’ve just got to recognise the ability to state the beedin’ obvious.”

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1 Response to Top prize for rugby writer

  1. eyeonwales says:

    Well, it’s important for New Zealand to take what success they can, after all, it’s a World Cup year, so a major chocking related disapointment is due for the nation 😉

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