OAPs banned from city centre

Old people such as these are to banned from bothering shoppers and go-getting city types

PENSIONERS are to be banned from Cardiff city centre – because they smell of cats and piss.

The city council has obtained blanket ASBOs that prevent anybody aged 65 or over from entering the capital’s main shopping district from 8am to 8pm.

Anyone breaching the order is likely to be arrested and jailed for five years – effectively a rest of life sentence for those in their later years.

The order was made by the city council and the police.

South Wales Police said members of the city centre policing team were approached on a daily basis by members of the public and shopkeepers complaining about the behaviour of older people.

Acting Sergeant Geraint White said: “Old people are a pain, have you ever tried walking across town in a hurry while they shuffle along or had to queue behind one of them in a shop while they count out the exact amount of change from their pittance of a pension?

“They also stink. Their clothes smell of mothballs, cats or piss or usually all three. We are committed to ensuring those that visit the city centre can do so without having to look at and smell these old buggers.”

Acting Sgt White warned the city’s pensioners to stay at home and watch Cash in the Attic instead of risking a venture to the city centre: “If one of these pensioner’s gets a five year prison sentence they probably won’t see daylight again. They should ask themselves, is a visit to the posh shops, where they probably wouldn’t appreciate the cool goods on sale anyway, worth risking dying alone in an institution where no-one comes to visit you?”

Council deputy leader and executive member for communities, housing and social justice, Councillor Judith Woodman said: “People have the right to go about their business in Cardiff city centre without being harassed by old people.

“I know of people who have tried to enjoy a frappuccino in one of the city’s many trendy continental style coffee bars who’ve had to endure pensioners approaching them and acting in a manner more befitting of a cafe. These OAPs will then attempt to start conversations about the war, or how hard life was when they were young. Nobody’s interested.

“Cardiff has a vibrant city centre to be proud of and attracts significant amounts of visitors every year.

“It is unacceptable for people to behave in this manner and I’m pleased a partnership approach involving Cardiff Council, South Wales Police and the CPS has led to these people being banned from entering the city centre at times when they can become a nuisance to others.”

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1 Response to OAPs banned from city centre

  1. Sian Caiach says:

    Its hard to keep up standards in our capital city and personally I am less concerned about elderly smelly beggars and more concerned about the Welsh Government’s care centre for slightly more fragrant beggars down in the bay. Perhaps if they were more smelly and determined we would all be better off???

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