No panic over hedge mail

Government mail is now being delivered to 'alternative' workplaces

GOVERNMENT mail found in a hedge had always intended to be delivered there, it has been confirmed.

The confidential Welsh Government papers were discovered in a hedge by a busy body pensioner who was sticking her beak in where it has no business being as she returned from chapel in the Pembrokeshire village of Eglwyswrw.

Conservative AM for Preseli Pembrokeshire Paul Davies over reacted, blasting: “To say this discovery came as a surprise is an understatement – and how or why they came to end up in a hedge in Pembrokeshire is a complete mystery.

“What is clear is that this is a farcical breach of security that demands a review of procedure.

“While this incident has ended with the return of the documents – thanks to the local person who found them – the Government may not be so lucky if anything similar happens again.”

However Postal Minister Pat Clifton has said Mr Davies needs to calm down: “The Government Mail Service is working well, in fact very well to deliver these important documents to a rural hedge.

“Instead of criticising hard working public sector workers, Mr Davies and his Tory chums should recognise the excellent job they do.”

Mr Clifton, or Postman Pat as he’s known in the Senedd, said the mail had been delivered to the hedge as part of the government’s programme to close regional offices and encourage staff to work from alternative locations.

“These papers needed to be considered by a civil servant. He was previously based in an office, but now works from the hedge. It’s a perfectly good location and central in the village. Who wouldn’t want to work outside in Pembrokeshire during the summer?

“I would appeal to any other members of the public to leave the mail alone in future. This has actually caused us some inconvenience as the woman who picked up the papers sent them to Paul Davies, who sent them back to me and now I have to send them back out to the civil servant involved. The papers should be delivered back to the hedge within three working days.”


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