Lights out for Jazz fans

Brecon, it's just non stop jazz

BRECON Jazz organisers plan to dupe visitors to this year’s festival with an extra special ‘performance’ by a Scandinavian jazz ensemble.

Quirky Danish trio Phronesis are being billed as one of this year’s ‘must-see’ acts for their much-anticipated Pitch Black set on Saturday.

The group will premiere the Pitch Black project at Brecon – where the band will play their entire set in the dark.

But Welsh News Not can exclusively reveal that Brecon Jazz Festival organisers plan to pull the wool over the eyes of Brecon’s jazz fans – who only get to attend live concerts one weekend a year – by simply turning the Pembertons Stage lights out and playing a live recording of the band over the sound system.

Phronesis fans are expected to pay £12 for the privilege, and many are willing to do so. One excited, but unsuspecting, resident Adam Anthony told us: “I can’t wait for Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. I’m a big Eighties fan.”

The Danish threesome are just one of the acts no-one has heard of headlining the 2011 showpiece.

The three day festival, beginning on Friday, August 12, sees the military town of Brecon stand to attention and listen to jazz ‘music’ – often endless hours of continuous improvisation accompanied by fervent foot-tapping. It’s the musical equivalent of masturbation , nice.

As well as jazz fans the festival draws in thousands of visitors from the surrounding valleys who come to drink, drink even more and listen to all manner of music other than jazz in the town’s pubs staging the unofficial Fringe Festival, still affectionately known to the masses as ‘The Jazz’.

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