Welsh band cause a riot

Rioting in Cardiff didn't reach the levels of anarchy seen in London, despite the attempts of yobbish Welsh social-networkers

A Welsh band’s attempts to commercially hijack the panic over current UK rioting backfired after it led to their arrest and a string of half-arsed attempts at public disorder across the Welsh capital.

Little known indie four piece The Cardiff Riots had hoped to receive a popularity boost by using social media to advertise the band’s material.

Earlier this week the group had chosen to use the ‘hashtag’ #cardiffriots on social-networking site Twitter to promote YouTube videos of their songs, including covers of hits by The Clash including I Fought The Law, Police On My Back and White Riot.

But the Cardiff musicians have now found themselves in hot water, after Welsh police charged the group with ‘inciting to commit violent disorder’.

The Boys in Blue blame the band for provoking ‘isolated incidents’ of poorly executed looting and general rowdy behaviour in and around the capital city.

Mindless yobs, armed with absolutely no reasons for their actions, had attempted to break into a branch of JD Sports before being foiled by troublesome security shutters. Stupid gangs, organising their ‘strategy’ for anarchy using Facebook and Twitter, also started fires and caused unnecessary damage at numerous business premises around the city.

It all means The Cardiff Riots are now facing a court appearance for their bid to catapult themselves out of obscurity by riding the media’s rioting tidal wave.

The band’s lead singer Rhys Strummer said: “The band were really psyched about our new recordings and really wanted to push the new covers.

“In hindsight I guess we chose the wrong night to do it.”

He added: “This unfortunately means that as a result our gig at The Old Court House in Merthyr Tydfil this Friday will be cancelled. The gig will be rescheduled for a later date, depending on the outcome of our court case.”

Police are now warning other bands against attempting the same band wagon-jumping tactics, advising that Twitter and Facebook were under surveillance and that any miscreants would be duly punished.

Det Ch Insp Duncan James said: “South Wales Police is continuing to monitor social networking sites and anyone who uses them to attempt to generate disorder in our communities will be traced and dealt with.”

Read more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-14497617



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