TV goes Kairdiff

Local television is the future

THE Westminster government has announced plans for local television stations across the UK, with Cardiff set to be amongst the first wave. WNN has had a sneak preview at Kairdiff Telly’s schedule.

The Saint 

Humanitarian and would be footballer Craig Bellamy is worshipped in his own household. Cardiff born Craig just wants to play football, but his manager at Manchester City refuses to pick him in his team, meaning Craig must find a new club. However there is just one problem – the pocket dynamo relies on his £80,000 a week wage to fund his football academy for impoverished children in Sierra Leone.

We follow Craig’s charity efforts as he refuses to let stroppy Italians, pub drunks and general nay sayers distract him.

Hard Luck Kids

A brand new sports magazine show, following the near misses and not quite there adventures of the capital’s premier sporting clubs. The programme  tracks the low-flying Bluebirds through their stuttering Championship football campaigns and the never ending drudgery of following rugby’s Cardiff Lose as they struggle through the RaboDirectPRO12 (yes we know, probably best to still call it the Magner’s League).

Baseball Live

Fat men, chain smoking, ill fitting football kits, bats with a flat surface, underarm bowling, dogs on the diamond. Kairdiff Telly brings you the latest action from the local recreation grounds, just whatever you do don’t call it rounders.

Cops and Slappers 

Our in-depth documentary series is filmed on location on Saturday nights in the city centre. For those who think local TV will just be a small crew with a handheld video camera running after police chasing drunk women and their aggressive boyfriends as they indulge in low level criminality and disorder, we say watch on.


Charlotte Church is one of Cardiff’s most famous daughters, has sold millions of records worldwide and hosted her own television series. Charlotte’s mum Maria presents our daily discussion programme as we hope she’ll give her forthright opinions on her famous daughter.

Bay Watch 

Pointless political discussion show from the Welsh Assembly, screened for no other reason than we wanted to use a cheap pun.

Talk of the Town

The ranting idiots who normally write into the letters page of your local newspaper, given a camera and a licence to rant. Viewers of an intelligent nature may find some views, nauseating, tiresome or just plain offensive.

Ice Road Duckers 

Our cameras follow the drivers of Cardiff Bus and the City Council as their schedule grinds to a halt each winter. As an inch of snow falls over the capital the city comes to a standstill. Its bus drivers, refuse men and those charged with keeping the city’s streets open are able to do nothing but sit around sipping tea as they wait for the thaw to arrive.

And for the late night viewer…

Cardiff Blue Birds and Touchwood


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