Party hard pensioner reaches 103

Vera was promised a birthday drink if she smiled for the camera

HEALTH experts have had to admit their dire warnings over the effects of booze and fags are wide of the mark, after a Welsh centenarian revealed
them to be the secret to a long and happy life.

Llandough resident Vera Vaughan reached 103 last week and put it all down to being content with a cigarette in one hand and a whisky tumbler in the other.

Vera’s revelations dispel fears by ‘scaremongers and the fun police’ that drinking and smoking is bad for your health.

News of Vera’s well-being will be a shot in the arm for residents in the Valleys, many of whom will easily see off four bottles of White Lightning and 60 fags in a day.

Scientists are now predicting that the Rolling Stones, famed for their party-hard attitude, could outlast the whole of the human race.

‘Feisty’ Vera explained: “I still smoke and enjoy a glass of whisky most days. It keeps me in good spirits which is always important! I get grouchy when I can’t have a drink.

“I tend to have a few drinks in the week and then really go for it on the weekend – Jägerbombs, strawpedos, Snakebite, Absinthe – anything I can get my hands on really.

“It’s kind of ironic in a way. You always feel like you’re going to die the morning after you’ve been drinking, but it’s actually a way of prolonging your life!”

The lively pensioner is on the lookout for a new drinking partner, having married three times.

She bragged: “It would have been four but he got away at the last minute.

“None of them liked my drinking, but where are they now, hey? I’m still standing.

“I could always get a man. But there’s not enough around these days.”

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