Teed off at working class golfers

It's scenes like this the Welsh golfing establishment is keen to avoid

A GOLF course is to be dug up after it was discovered it was being used by working class men.

A new dual carriageway will now be laid right through the middle of the British Steel Golf Course in Port Talbot.

A compulsory purchase order has been placed on the 18 hole course to ensure the working men of the town’s steel works can never again play the game, which really is above their station.

Golf officials and politicians are in agreement the drastic measure is the only option to safeguard the existing social order and the reputation of the sport, enjoyed by the Royal Family, fatcat capitalists and general right wing types.

David Wilkinson, the secretary of the golf club established by the steelworkers in 1952, accused the Welsh Government of turning its back on golf, which it lavished with £18 million of tax payers’ cash last year to stage the money spinning Ryder Cup at billionaire businessman Terry Matthews’ Celtic Manor resort in Newport.

Mr Wilkinson said: “After the Ryder Cup there was all this talk about legacy, but when it comes down to it they just don’t want to know working class boys like us.

“We see a lot of youngsters starting to play here, learning the basics and developing.

“It’s a terrible tragedy, it’s so beautiful here and there’s so much land around the course which could be used, but they are determined to come through the course.

“No-one seems to want to talk to us, it’s like they’ve got their own way of doing things and that’s what they’re going to do.”

First Minister Carwyn Jones said Mr Wilkinson and his chums should accept that they’re just not suited to playing a top people’s game.

The Labour AM, who is also a barrister, said in his best condescending tone: “If I’m playing a round with my friends from the Bar, we don’t want to run into people such as steelworkers, or in fact anyone from Port Talbot.

“It’s not as if they don’t have their own sports. I don’t understand why such people can’t satisfy themselves with Association Football or pub games, such as darts and skittles. Or what’s wrong with fishing, provided they have the appropriate licence of course.”

Former First Minister Rhodri Morgan, who introduced golf to Wales with Mr Matthews, fumed: “The Ryder Cup was never meant for the likes of Mr Wilkinson and his friends from the manual labour workforce.”

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