Climate change: You’re havin’ a laugh

Don't make me laugh. Ecomedian George Marshall

HEARD the one about the laughing gas fired power station? No, thought not.

You will however if Mid Wales joker George Marshall gets his way. He’s launching himself as an ‘eco-median’.

Llanidloes based writer and broadcaster George is touring the UK with a routine of gags which he hopes, really hopes, will make audiences laugh as well as raise awareness about the perils the world apparently faces.

Described as combining the wit of Al Gore with the gravitas of Paddy McGuiness, George tries to explore the topic of the psychology of climate change denial with satirical observations and anecdotes about society’s response to the problem.

“People acknowledge climate change, but most often as a global problem,” says George; “though I suppose it is a problem that affects the whole planet.

“One key storyline emerging now which is very powerful is east Asian power generation. Suddenly everyone is an expert.

“A lady who runs my local cat sanctuary charity shop recently told me that there is no point worrying about climate change because the Chinese are building a new coal-fired power station every four days. That’s a remarkable level of expertise from someone in a small Mid Wales town, even if she did formally run the Sichuan local electric board.”

In one of his satirical stories, George refers to a three-page article which ran in a national newspaper discussing how climate change is destroying the Alps.

“It said Alpine tourism is at risk and may have only 25 years left because the snow is disappearing and no-one will be able to ski anymore,” he said.

“Then, inside the paper, is a travel supplement all about the top 50 ski resorts to visit – actually that’s quite useful as you’d need to know them before it’s too late.

“Honestly at that barely believable rate, you’d have to visit two a year before they’re gone for good. Yeah I might drop that one.”

WNN comedy correspondent Dai Laffin said he could hardly contain his excitement. Dai said: “Climate change, it’s no laughing matter. This guy could be the next Ben Elton.”

George Marshall will be performing Carbon Detox: The Show at Theatr Gwaun in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, on August 5 though only those who live within walking distance of the venue are welcome to attend.

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