Ex MP: I was abducted by aliens

Lembit Opik has attracted unwanted attention from alien visitors

A FORMER Mid Wales MP says he is relieved the press and public finally believe he was abducted by aliens.

Ex Montgomeryshire MP and celebrity Z-lister Lembit Opik claimed back in 2007 that aliens had contacted him and taken him from North Powys against his will in a UFO.

The Liberal Democrat now  says he is considering legal proceedings against alien visitors from a planet close to the Sun after it was revealed up to 4,000 other people, including high profile figures, may have also been abducted. Mr Opik has previously complained no-one would listen to his ‘wild claims’ at the time.

Mr Opik said there was ‘no doubt’ in his mind about what had happened, and that he has harboured suspicions that he had been re-targeted by aliens for the past four to five years since.

He said: “It happened in 2007 but no-one would listen, I was telling people and they just weren’t listening.

“It’s been fairly obvious something strange has been going on and that a third party has been listening in.

“Given the others who this has happened to,  I want the world to know this has happened to me too.”

The behaviour Mr Opik has displayed since being ousted from his parliamentary seat – particularly during his jungle exposure time on ITV’s  I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in 2010 – is thought to have been enough to convince those close to him who had previously doubted stories about his alien endeavours.

Mr Opik, who has dated weathergirl Sian Lloyd and one of the Cheeky Girls, said he enlisted the help of a psychiatrist in a bid to make people believe his paranormal experience.

He added: “After lots of effort she has spoken to the police and they now believe me. It’s a relief that it’s out there now and people know I’m not crazy after all.”


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