Cameron and Carwyn swap roles

What happens when the rule books change? In this new series two politicians from very different backgrounds exchange lives for a week

A NEW reality television show will reveal what happens when the Conservative Prime Minister swaps places with his Welsh counterpart, Carwyn Jones the First Minister of Wales.

David Cameron, who was privately educated at one of England’s top public schools, runs the UK Government from his home at 10 Downing Street, London. His man servant Nick Clegg is on hand 24/7 to assist him.

Solid Labour man Carwyn commutes everyday from the industrial town of Bridgend to work at his shiny new offices in Cardiff Bay where he has overall responsibility for running Wales. However he is continually frustrated as he realises most issues are actually out of his control.

Minister Swap reveals what happens when both men swap their jobs, countries and responsibilities for a week.

David is all smiles as he arrives in Cardiff but before even getting his feet under Carwyn’s desk he can see room for improvement and isn’t afraid to tell his new Welsh colleagues that.

“It is my duty to give my opinion where I feel that it could benefit the Welsh people,” says David pompously before reeling off a list of improvement he thinks could be made.

“Children in your schools, students in your universities, and doctors, nurses and patients in your hospitals are looking to you to provide dramatic improvements to their lives. However, let me be frank:  public services in Wales are too bureaucratic. It’s red tape this, form filling for this it’s political correctness gone mad. ”

Multimillionaire David has little time for waiting in line and says he just can’t understand why Welsh people don’t just go out and buy the best rather than settle for second best: “In England, that is what we are doing. In the schools that we send our children to and in the hospitals that we are treated in. We are breaking open the state monopoly. ”

But died in the wool socialist Carwyn thinks his cabinet will be less than impressed with David’s flashy ways: “I don’t think that’s the wisest speech. It would be the equivalent of me going and lecturing the UK cabinet on where they are going wrong.

“I’m far too polite than to tell them they’ve got their tuition fees policy wrong, their economic policies wrong,  that the way they treat Nick Clegg is wrong or that I don’t get enough house keeping money to get on with the brilliant job I do.

“In fact I’m such a nice guy I’ll even hold my tongue rather than call them all a bunch of posh bastards who don’t know what it’s like to live in Bridgend, or the real world.”

Minister Swap will be shown on S4C, with English subtitles for those who can’t understand the PM’s plum accent, later this year.

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