Rescuers claim lost climbers ‘abused’ service

"Another bloody callout"

CLIMBERS who get lost in the mountains of North Wales have been told to stop abusing the 999 emergency system.

The Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation, drawn from a group of around 50 grumpy volunteers, have accused two vulnerable female climbers, including a pensioner, of abusing the 999 service after calling for help.

The intrepid duo, aged 68 and 48 and unsurprisingly from Sussex, had made the 999 call at 9.50pm on Saturday, July 9, saying they ‘needed rescuing, were too tired to go on and had no clue of their location.’

Unforgiving rescuers, who failed to grasp the concept of being lost, became annoyed as the women weren’t between Tryfan and Glyder Fach where they expected to find them.

Angry volunteers have blasted the duo, and say that in future they will only come to the aid of those who are physically injured on the mountainside.

An exasperated Ogwen Valley team member said: “They had no GPS, no compass and no clue where they were. They were not injured and we feel this was an abuse of the 999 system.

“We’re a volunteer group and we have had to deal with more than 76 call outs already this year – and frankly we’re sick of it.

“I’ll just be settling down to watch Newsnight and my bloody pager will go off because some inconsiderate bastard is injured, or worse still lost, in the Ogwen Valley somewhere.

“The message we’d like to send out is this: We’d never discourage anyone from enjoying the great outdoors, but do be prepared. The best thing to do is leave a trail of biscuits or bread, a little bit like Hansel and Gretel, so that if you do get lost you can find your way back and keep your energy levels up at the same time. Please, spare a thought for us
volunteers before making an ‘emergency’ call.”

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