Lost tribe of AMs found

The previously undiscovered tribe of AMs had lived in isolation from the modern world

A NEVER before contacted tribe of Assembly Members have been discovered living deep inside the Senedd.

Cleaners working for the Assembly discovered the two never before seen AMs living in a cupboard. The pair have now been invited to make up the numbers of the Assembly’s smallest population group, the endangered Liberal Democrats.

The previously undiscovered tribe of two are thought to have lived in the Assembly building for up to 63 days, dating back to the elections to the institution in May.

The tribe consists of a male, who speaks an ancient language that no-one in the current Assembly has ever before heard, understood or spoken, while even less is known about the female tribe member. A third AM, also a male, is believed to have died or perhaps just run back off into the political wilderness.

However there are fears that some AMs may make the new members feel unwelcome.

Labour AM Mick Antoniw complained: “Who are these ‘people’? The man speaks a strange language and I fear he won’t be able to follow the proceedings in the Assembly or properly understand all the really complicated things us Assembly Members have to get to grips with.  I believe this undermines the credibility and integrity of the Assembly.”

However Welsh Lib Dem leader Kirsty Williams said other AMs should now accept the pair and added she was delighted to welcome them to sit as part of her group.

“I am delighted that most Assembly Members are willing to accept these members,” said Ms Williams.

“I believe that today, the Assembly showed itself to be a mature institution, confident enough to take the right course of action. I’m also happy that there are still some people left in the country willing to associate themselves with the Liberal Democrats, even if they have practically been living under a rock for god knows how long?”

The Assembly’s Presiding Officer, Rosemary Butler said: “Two more Lib Dem AMs, really why all the fuss? We may as well let them in, I’m sure most people will just carry on ignoring the Lib Dems anyway.”


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