Old dog teaches woman diet tricks

Lucky's tough love diet approach transformed Alyson's life - and her wardrobe

WELSH health chiefs are aiming to breed a pack of Weightwatcher dogs, after being inspired by a giant Labrador who, after losing two stone, forced his owner to do the same.

Bitter pooch Lucky was so angry at his owner for taking away his treats that he got his own back by making her lose weight too.

Lucky lost a quarter of his body weight when his Pontypridd owner Alyson King put him on a strict diet.

But Lucky was not willing to do it all on his own, and returned the favour by taking fatty foods and sweets from his owner – who in turn lost five stone.

Alyson said: “He certainly keeps me in check – if he thinks it’s time for walkies, he starts whining at me so I don’t forget.

“But it’s fatty foods he’s really helped me cut out. He will steal doner kebabs and pizza slices from me and bury them in the garden.

“I opened a box of chocolates on the coffee table and found that all the chocolates had gone, and in their place were fresh dog droppings.

“He would even attempt to bite me if I so much as looked at a beef burger. I couldn’t have done it without him.”

The pair scooped animal charity PDSA’s slimming champions of the year award this week.

Health chiefs are so enamoured by their tale, they plan to breed slim line Lucky with a host of skinny bitches to produce a pack of Weightwatcher Dogs.

It is envisaged that the Weightwatcher Dogs, carrying Lucky’s calorie-conscious genes, will be led around by fat people, much in the same way that blind people have guide dogs to care for them.

Obesity specialist Fats Waller, said: “This is an exciting time for Wales to take the lead in the battle against obesity. I’ve been working like a dog trying to find the solutions to this national problem.

“After reading in the news about Welsh children being made to exercise before getting their hands on junk food, it seems this could be a more forceful and effective way to get both adults and children to lose weight.”

Wallace had a 70-inch waist before his mutt Gromit intervened

It’s not the first time a hound has helped his owner shed the pounds.

Wallace, an inventor from Yorkshire, had his dog Gromit to thank for helping him slim down.

He said: “I found I was actually addicted to Wensleydale cheese – the stuff was like crack to me.

“As nice as it is, when you’re eating four cheeseboards of it a day it’s very fatty and it’s not good for you. I’m eternally grateful to Gromit for weaning me off it.”

Read more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-14043698

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