Council turn down free ‘advertising’

Who wouldn't want this free advertising?

SWANSEA Council has acknowledged that its services are shit, by criticising an unorthodox ‘advertising’ campaign.

Thomas Eifion Davies daubed the words ‘Swansea Council suck’ on the side of his home as an angry retort in a bitter dispute with the authority’s planners.

But now the council has asked Mr Davies to remove the message, not because it is offensive – but because it deems it as advertising, a breach of its planning guidelines.

Mr Davies has also been ordered to knock down a flat he had rebuilt next to his home.

He said: “They [Swansea Council] have written to me saying the writing is advertising and I have responded to them by saying that all I was trying to do was publicise the council and its services.

“With the council’s budget as stretched as it is, I’d have thought they would have appreciated the free plug. Saatchi & Saatchi would have been proud of that.

“Everybody I have spoken to has said it would be a pity to take the message down. It went up three weeks ago.”

A dull council spokesman said the authority had taken the decision to ask Mr Davies to remove the free advertising.

He threatened: “This is in breach of planning guidelines and Mr Davies has not removed it in the deadline given to him.

“Unless the writing is removed we will consider further action.”

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