Tories and Plaid hatch ‘shit seat’ plan for Carwyn

First Minister Carwyn Jones cannot hide his disappointment that his rugby holiday is out of sight

FIRST Minister Carwyn Jones’s hopes of a jolly to New Zealand to watch the Rugby World Cup have been ruined by his political opponents, who plan to give him the shittest seat possible.

The Labour leader had hoped to relax in the southern hemisphere and watch Wales’ opening game of the tournament under the guise of a trip to ‘tap into corporate opportunities in the market’.

But spoilsport Tory and Plaid members have poured cold water on his plans, calling for the First Minister to be given the ‘shittest seat’ at the tournament.

Acting Welsh Conservative leader Paul Davies, said: “Taxpayers will expect the First Minister to have a very busy and productive schedule – not just a VIP view of the action at the Wellington Regional Stadium.

“I mean, I want him to have the most restricted view in the house. I’m talking concrete pillars, steel girders – the works. A proper shit seat.

“If it was up to me I’d make him watch it from the car park. Or even better – on TV like the rest of us.”

Plaid Cymru leader Ieuan Wyn Jones AM was similarly unsympathetic: “In principle I support this visit but I would invite the First Minister, upon his return, to publish information on the investment opportunities that he has identified and to make a statement on the visit to the Assembly.

“I want a spike with receipts on so I know what he’s spending.  I don’t want to see him at the rugby. This is not a holiday. I expect him to have lost a couple of stone when he gets back because he’s worked so hard.”

A spokesman for the Welsh Government said it was ‘uncharacteristic’ of the Tories to be bitter.

He added: “Let’s be honest, if you or I were over there at the same time as the Rugby World Cup we’d have a peek, wouldn’t we.

“He’s the First Minister for crying out loud! There’s gotta be some perks to the job and a VIP seat is one of them. “

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