‘Steddfod in their eyes

'Roy 'Chubby' Brown' will put some laughs into this year's Eisteddfod  THE National Eisteddfod is to launch a Stars in their Eyes style competition following the discovery of a Welsh speaking Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown impersonator.

Dion Griffiths, who is originally from Barmouth, Gwynedd, is hopefully the world’s only tribute act to the foul-mouthed clown.

Griffiths is bringing his act to Wales this Saturday as a fundraiser for the forthcoming Eisteddfod in Wrexham.

Eisteddfod chiefs are now scouring talent agencies for other Welsh speakers who could do a star turn at the Maes this August, though rumors a Russ Abbott tribute act from Llanrwst has already been booked are, as yet, unconfirmed.

Booking Mr Griffiths’ tribute to the blue comedian is one of a number of innovations Wales’ foremost cultural festival is bringing in to appeal to a wider audience in Wrexham.

As well as the traditional poetry and singing competitions the Eisteddfod will feature Wrexham’s least popular son donning white robes and matching wellies when retired footballer Robbie Savage is inducted into the Gorsedd y Beirdd, the druids who run the whole shebang.

Despite an expected full house at the Llai Miners’ Welfare Club this weekend some Eisteddfod traditionalist are refusing to act like 12-year-old boys and see the ‘funny side’ to Chubby.

“I think it’s rather a sad day for the National Eisteddfod to be involved with fundraising by this kind of act – it is a disgrace,” said Emlyn Edwards, of Welsh language community newspaper Y Clawdd.

“I appreciate [the organisers] are not directly involved with the Eisteddfod but if they consider that… arranging this kind of entertainment is suitable then I could not disagree more.

“I don’t want to be a Mary Whitehouse about the Eisteddfod but at the same time, there are limits to the depths we can sink to and I don’t think it gets as low as a full house singing ‘Alice, Alice who the fuck is Alice?’.

“Not even if you change it to the Welsh Alys, no it’s not on,” moaned Mr Edwards.

Mr Griffiths admitted he was very surprised to be asked to perform, and said: “To be honest, nobody ever believed I’d get a booking as a Chubby Brown tribute act.”

Aberystwyth University’s professor of Welshness Meurig ap Cymro said in a sniffy voice: “It’s the challenge of the modern day Eisteddfod, marrying the traditional with the kind of thing that appeals to people from Wrexham. Scouse bastards.”


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