Seaman saved by lifejacket

Mitch Buchannon recommends buying one of these (model not included)

A COASTAL town is gasping with awe after a man who had fallen in the sea was saved by his lifejacket.

The elderly seaman had fallen from his yacht into the water at Pembroke Ferry, and St Govan’s coastguards were called into action to rescue the man, who was able to swim.

But the rescue party were shocked to find the sea-fairing gentleman, who was wearing a lifejacket, was alive and well having floated 100 metres to the shore.

Coastguard Mitch Buchannon, said: “We were shocked to hear the elderly gentleman had fallen into the water, and we immediately rushed to his aid.

“But when we got to the beach he was laying there in this brightly-coloured jacket, seemingly ok. Just a bit wet.

“It turns out he was wearing this thing called a lifejacket. Apparently it’s some kind of personal floatation device that’s filled with air and keeps your head above water.

“I’ll be telling my boss to recommend that everyone who’s going to be out on the water wears one from now on.”

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