Dino crisis in Flint

Dinosaurs are still prohibited in Flint

A WELSH town has officially been confirmed as the stupidest place in the country after a number of its residents reported that dinosaurs had come out of extinction.

People in Flint were crazy enough to think they had heard a dinosaur at the Nice-Pak factory on Aber Park earlier this week.

Dozens of Flint citizens took to social networking sites to express concern at the mysterious noises – which turned out to be a malfunctioning bird scarer.

The rumblings, which began at midnight and could still be heard at 3.40am, even caused some to express concern over the condition of the pre-historic reptile, extinct for around 65 million years.

One nearby resident said: “It sounded like a dinosaur crying – it was really awful. Loads of people heard it and it kept most people awake. It was all over Facebook.”

Another confused citizen Tweeted: “Freaky noises in Flint – Jurassic Park has taken over.”

One crazy Flintshire man said on Facebook: “I thought the wife had left our Jurassic Park video on after we’d gone to bed, but it turned out the dinosaur was at Aber Park. I couldn’t believe it!”

A spokesman for Nice-Pak said: “We are aware that a malfunction with the pterodactyl scaring equipment installed on the roof of our factory caused disturbance to some local residents.”

North Wales Police said they simply weren’t willing to investigate reports of a Tyrannosaurus Rex loose in the town, but added that raids for strong hallucinogenic drugs would be conducted in the area shortly.

Read more: http://www.leaderlive.co.uk/news/103918/-jurassic-business-park-roars-keep-residents-awake.aspx

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