Council uses toxic flower power

Aberystwyth Town Council hope toxic waste could help them grow the world's tallest sunflower

ABERYSTWYTH Town Council has shelved plans to create a garden in tribute to its German twin town, instead going all out to grow the world’s tallest sunflower using toxic waste.

Plans to pay a horticultural tribute to Krongberg, in Boulevard St Brieuc, hit the skids when a reclamation assessment of the proposed garden site, a former tip, showed toxic waste including arsenic, cadmium and cyanide.

But rather than look to relocate the project, Aberystwyth councillors have decided to ditch their German garden plans altogether and embrace the toxic landfill site by growing a Guinness World Record-breaking sunflower.

The green-fingered councillors will have to grow a monster plant of more than 20 feet to beat the current Dutch record holders.

But that has done little to deter the coastal growers, who are confident they can bring the record to Wales by harnessing the toxic power in the soil beneath them.

Town clerk Jim Griffiths, said: “We’ve spent £12,000 on adding more toxic waste to the site and we’re confident we’re doing all we can to break the record.

“We’re not naïve; we know it’s going to take time. But we’re sure the seeds we’ve sewn are going to give us a record breaker this summer.”

However, the council has come under criticism from health chiefs, who say the toxic garden poses a severe health risk.

Dr Emmett Brown said: “I’m shocked and appalled at the actions of Aberystwyth Town Council.

“Don’t they remember the case of Alex Mack – the girl who developed superpowers after being covered in chemical waste?

“The town council may end up having more than a monster sunflower on their hands, you mark my words.”

It is understood that although Krongberg’s civic dignitaries are disgruntled at the snub, they are pleased at the prospect of Aberystwyth Town Council snatching a Dutch record.

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