Prince’s visit stinks

"One does not like the smell on this visit."

WALES has officially run out of sites to show royalty, after Prince Charles was led around a pile of shit yesterday.

The Prince of Wales was asked to view a heap of manure and a mountain of food waste during the second day of his annual week-long visit.
Clarence House officials have now expressed concerns over the remainder of the Prince’s stay after a ‘shit’ start to his Wales visit saw a trip to an anaerobic digester in Llangadog.
Things got so tedious that Fred Bartlett, who works for Burden Energy, had been forced to make fart jokes to humour his royal visitor.
He explained to Charlie that the scheme basically worked using ‘farts’ produced by billions of tiny bacteria eating through the waste.
Mr Bartlett added: “He [The Prince] said that he had thought of farting himself in Dorset 10 years before.”
During their week long Welsh visit Prince Charles and his second wife Camilla will also have to endure the opening of Myddfai Town Hall, a train station viewing in Llandovery and a trip to a Montgomery watermill.
However, things were looking up today (Wednesday) as the royal couple looked forward to a spot of time travelling.
The duo were expected to travel back in time to the Victorian-obsessed town of Llandrindod Wells, which holds an annual festival to ‘celebrate’ how great life was in the late 1800s.

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