Suspension at posh school

Andrew RT Davies and Nick Ramsey both want to be Head Boy

A PUPIL at Wales’s most exclusive school has been suspended over lurid postings on his social networking internet site.

Vincent Bailey was suspended from Ysgol Syr Wyn Roberts after postings that only those lacking a sense of humour would find offensive were uncovered on his Myspace site (no, really we thought it had disappeared too).

The suspension is an embarrassment to Andrew RT Davies, a student in the Upper Sixth, as he’d promised Bailey a job running the tuck shop if he helped him in his campaign to be elected Head Boy at the rural school.

However Davies’ rival for the post, Nick Ramsey, from the lower sixth, is unlikely to make much capital from the row as he was recently hauled before the heads of year following complaints he was abusive towards a publican.

Ramsey is alleged to have been rude and objectionable after he was ejected from the Nag’s Head pub for having ‘a few’ under-age beers. Young Master Ramsey said he’d only been engaging in ‘banter’ and thought it was OK to drink in a well known sitcom pub.

Bailey now faces a dressing down from headmistress Cheryl Gillan over his postings which date back to 2006.

The “about me” section contains a number of question and answer type entries that might raise a laugh amongst lads.

Against “Single or Group Dates” appears the response “Group bangs are good but single dates are better for the soul”.

Against “Number of drugs I have taken” appears “five or six”.

Another question asks “In the past month have you been on drugs?”, to which the response is “I had two tokes on a spliff at Col’s on Tuesday night, but that was the first in a couple of years. I’m back on the skag bigtime now”.

Against “What do you want to be when you grow up?” appears the response “A sexual predator or journalist – I believe that these are not mutually exclusive”.

A blog entry on Mr Bailey’s Myspace site was also highlighted. It refers to events during a music festival on the Isle of Wight in June 2005 involving sexual activity, derogatory references to women and drug taking.

Middle aged woman Jenny Rathbone, who has no-connection with the school or any valid reason to trawl the internet looking for young boys, discovered the six-year-old postings while wasting time on the ‘net during a quiet afternoon from her well paid job in Cardiff Bay.

She complained without any real conviction: “It is utterly hypocritical of Andrew RT Davies to run for Head Boy when he has a friend with offensive comments like these on his website.

“In particular, the remarks about women are degrading and completely unacceptable for someone who is supposed to be one of Andrew Davies’ best friends.”

A current prefect at the school, who in typically sneaky fashion asked not to be named, sneered: “Clearly, if these allegations are true, this individual would not be suitable to be in a senior position such as running the tuck shop.”

When we rang Vincent yesterday he said: “Myspace, what is this the mid noughties?” before denying ever having written something for a bit of a laugh, which nobody would have expected people to make a fuss about years later.


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