Upset teen tells council to sell its mansion

Swansea Council are refusing to sell Mansion House, despite a teenager's tantrums

A STROPPY teenager has demanded Swansea Council sell the
Mayor’s official residence.

Evan John, 17, says the £980,000 mansion should be sold
because he cannot study the A-Levels he wants to.

Bitter Evan, of Swansea, submitted a Freedom of
Information request to Swansea Council demanding to know how much the building,
which is used for charity functions, was worth and the associated running

Gorseinon College student Evan threw a tantrum because
he is unable to study a particular combination of subjects at AS Level due to
education funding cuts.

He explained: “I could not take chemistry with
English language because they were offering fewer courses that year.

“I thought the Mansion House could be worth a lot of
money that could be put to better use.  Selling
the Mansion House would free up money to soften the effects of the cuts.

“It’s unbelievable that, even in a time of cuts, so
much money is dedicated for the benefit of one person,” moaned Evan as he
walked out of the room –slamming the door behind him.

But Swansea Council have hit back – refusing to be
bullied by the angst-ridden teen.

A council spokesman said: “The Welsh (Assembly) Government have again reduced
the amount schools can spend on post-16 education.

“So even if the council did sell off council assets,
such as the Mansion House, it would not help him in being able to follow the
courses he wanted.

“So there.”

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1 Response to Upset teen tells council to sell its mansion

  1. Llywelyn says:

    And the irony is that this “bitter” post is incredibly “stroppy”…

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