Better late than never

A sign of the times - prostestors arrive at the Epynt 71 years too late

A PENSIONER has organised a peaceful protest against the ‘militarisation’ of a Mid Wales mountain range – more than 70 years after the Army took over the land.

Harley Simpson feels it’s still not too late to let his feelings be known about the Army’s use of the Epynt near Sennybridge, Brecon. The Army confiscated 30,000 acres of land and booted the mountain community out of their 54 farms in June 1940, turning the area into a shooting range complete with mock village.

Now Mr Simpson and his pals from peace group Cymdeithas y Cymod (the Fellowship of Reconciliation) risk the threat of shooting or arrest to march up the Epynt on Saturday, June 25 to show their opposition to the ‘militarisation’ of Wales.

Mr Simpson, 70, said: “I was brought up in the Honddu valley after the war and have always been uncomfortable with the use of Epynt for military purposes.

“The way the land was taken from the farmers and villagers was wrong and has gone on for too long.”

Cymdeithas y Cymod hope their Gandhi-style peaceful trepass of the barren Epynt mountain range will convince men with ready-loaded guns that they should give up the Army game and go home.

Mr Simpson added: “The Army has taken a great deal from this area. It’s taken land, whole villages, people and it’s time for it to stop. It’s time to phase out the militarisation of the Epynt.”

A spokesman for the Army said: “We know nothing about the Epynt protest. If they come on our land we’ll shoot them. Simple as.”

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