Welsh courts could bring back torture

Offenders sentenced in Welsh courts could soon be subjected to 'unpleasant' punishments

TORTURE methods could soon be made available to Welsh courts after calls for a separate legal system in Wales.

Swansea University Professor R Gwynedd Parry has said that following the successful referendum on law-making powers for the National Assembly, a separate legal
jurisdiction for Wales should be established.

But there are fears that this could see a return to the medieval punishments seen in
European courts in the Middle Ages, after a Swansea judge warned a shoplifter
that ‘unpleasant’ things would happen to her if her light-fingered criminal
habits persisted.

Professor Parry, director of the newly-formed Welsh legal think tank the Hywel Dda
Institute, said Wales was currently ‘the odd one out’ among British nations.
Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man all have their own legal

Professor Parry said: “The concept of Welsh laws being administered within an
autonomous Welsh legal system existed before the Norman conquest.

“It seems that we are now rediscovering this redundant legal heritage and making it fit
for purpose for the 21st century.”

But as Professor Parry seeks to drag Wales kicking and screaming into a new era, a Swansea judge is aiming to use a Welsh legal new dawn to pass more traditional methods of punishing unruly scoundrels.

Alluding to the possibility of new powers when sentencing an ‘attention seeking’
shoplifter from Pembroke Dock last week, Judge Paul Thomas threatened that she
could be made to suffer for her misdemeanors.

He warned, in a sinister voice: “There will come a time very, very shortly
when the courts will take a different approach and I don’t need to spell it out
for you.

“Unpleasant things might start to happen.”

The woman, who was made the subject of a 12 month supervision order, could face the
rack, stocks, disembowelment, stoning or be hanged, drawn and quartered if she
continues to offend.

Sending the lucky woman away Judge Thomas, in a Jekyll and Hyde moment, wished the
woman ‘all the best and good luck’, but warned that her future lay in her own

Read more: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2011/06/22/expert-calls-for-a-separate-legal-system-for-wales-91466-28919092/


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