D’oh: Cardiff a top holiday spot

A typical summer's night in Cardiff

BUSINESSES in Cardiff are hoping to cash in after a magazine accidentally named the capital in a list of the most recommended holiday destinations this summer.

A printing mistake led to the National Geographic, the world’s foremost nature magazine, including the city, better known for its boozy weekends than natural attractions, as one of the world’s top 10 holiday destinations for summer 2011.

The previously respected magazine listed Cardiff in sixth place, though suspicions were raised as the city was ranked higher than much more enjoyable and warmer destinations such as the Azores in Portugal and Roatan – one of Honduras’ islands.

Simon Calder, travel editor of The Independent, sniggered: “Cardiff certainly is making the headlines this year.”

Welsh travel writer David Atkinson sighed: “Cardiff has plenty of shopping and nightlife.”

Hywel Thomas,  spokesman for Cardiff & Co, the company charged with promoting the city, welcomed the city’s inclusion in the list published in the July/August edition: “The National Geographic Society was founded in 1888 and to be featured in the pages of one of its publications is something that many would regard with almost reverence so it really doesn’t bother me that this is a printing mistake.”

It’s hoped the magazine’s high brow readership will now head to Cardiff to sample a night on St Mary’s Street, which guarantees vomitting middle aged women wearing pink cowboy hats or school uniforms and steroid-fuelled Valley’s boys slugging it out.

During the day tourists can tour inner city shops when children as young as 10 will follow them around asking that they buy them fags and booze.

Mr Thomas added: “Cardiff’s a bustling city and there’s always plenty going on.”

Photo: Maciej Dakowicz


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