Sex course for budding Welsh prostitutes

Dr Andrea Hussey is looking forward to welcoming eager students to her classroom

THE University of Wales plans to cash in on the country’s new tag of ‘Sex Capital of the World’ with a dedicated degree course.

That’s after research showed thousands of Welsh men and women are leaving professional jobs and studies to join the sex trade by selling their bodies online.

More than 300 of the ‘off street sex workers’ questioned in the study were found to hold GCSEs, A-Levels and even degrees.

Now the University of Wales plans to introduce a specially tailored business studies-cum-sex degree – a BSx – for sexually-driven academics seeking a new career path.

The university hopes offering a degree that can lead to a well paying career will convince the Welsh Assembly Government to allow it to charge tuition fees of up to £9,000 a year.

Dr Andrea Hussey from the University of Wales said of the Sex Studies course: “The research shows men and women see prostitution as a more viable career path in these uncertain economic times.

“By launching an honours degree in this special field, we can help learners maximise their potential using their most saleable assets – their bodies.”

Modules in the new honours degree include online advertising and anonymity, bedroom biology and s-extra special business advice.

The Sex Studies sandwich course will have a ‘suck it and see’ one month opt-out agreement, to allow would- be students to dip their toe into the world of the sex trade.

Plans are also afoot for a Sex Masters for those who perform well in the honours degree.

University enrolment body UCAS says it anticipates bedlam when exam results are announced in August, with thousands of horny teens expected to decline offers from top universities providing conventional studies in exchange for a BSx.

Swansea slapper Myfanwy Evans is one of those looking to defer to the new course from her Welsh language studies.

She said: “I’m well keen to enroll. I’ve been with all of the rugby team and half of the hockey team here, I could’ve made a bloody fortune had I known how!

“I’ve pretty much messed up my degree, but sex is something I’m definitely expecting to get a first in.”


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