Rugby star’s McBan after failing to buy scrum-ptious meal

Tackled, Phillips is wrestled to the ground agonisingly short of reaching his burger

A Welsh rugby star has been booted out of the international set up for not eating enough junk food.

THE Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) has suspended Mike Phillips ‘indefinitely’ after a boozy 3AM fracas with bouncers outside Cardiff’s Queen Street McDonald’s last week.

The 6ft 3 egg chaser was apoplectic with rage when he was refused service at the eatery, becoming embroiled in a tussle with security staff.

Desperate Phillips, 26, had been trying to get some takeaway to comply with WRU rules, which state players must ‘consume a kebab, or other such such fast food’ after a night on the pop.

The rules are strictly adhered to.

Brecon brute Andy Powell was banned from the Welsh set-up in 2010 for his part in an early morning golf buggy drink drive incident.

However, WRU chiefs showed him leniency when details came out that the pissed up Sale player was actually on his way to the garage to get some munchies, the WRU eventually relenting and allowing him back into the international fold.

But bosses have shown no such mercy for Bayonne player Phillips, who used to date Welsh songbird Duffy, throwing him into the international wilderness.

Banning Phillips from the Welsh side indefinitely, WRU chief executive Roger Lewis said: “The player has been suspended due to a clear breach of the standards which we expect to be maintained by someone involved in one of our national squads.”

The WRU said it has not been alerted of any criminal action and the suspension is based on its own rules of behaviour.

Mr Lewis added: “Discipline, acceptable behaviour and the fast food rule are issues which run to the core values of the Welsh Rugby Union and we cannot tolerate any compromise of those standards.”

Witness Damien Broad told WNN Phillips was held down by bouncers until police arrived to deal with the Tuesday, June 14 scuffle.

He said: “He [Phillips] was not allowed into McDonald’s and was having an argument with the bouncers.

“The police put him in the back of the van and drove off.”

Another onlooker recalled: “He had to be restrained on the floor. He was shouting ‘I want my Fillet-o-Fish’. He must have been pissed, I’ve never seen anyone eat one of those.”

WNN can also exclusively reveal that McDonald’s favourite The Hamburgler rushed to Cardiff to try and quell Phillips’ anger by handing him a Happy Meal toy to play with – but his efforts were to no avail.

An angry Ronald McDonald said he wouldn’t accept anyone clowning around in his restaurants.

“The safety and security of my staff and customers is my top priority. I welcome everyone to my restaurants, but anyone behaving in an anti-social manner which could cause alarm or distress to either my customers or staff will be asked to leave my restaurant.

“I don’t know even know what rugby is. This Mr Philips will have to apologise if he wants to come back to the Golden Arches again.”

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