Tom reveals secret to Welshness

Sex bomb, Tom Jones has been sticking to a strict Welsh diet

SUN kissed Welshman Tom Jones has revealed that eating raw lamb is the secret to staying Welsh while living in California.

The 71-year-old singer credited his ‘caveman’ diet as the secret to maintaining his status as the world’s number one Welshman while living more than 2,000 miles away from his hometown of Pontypridd, which he said still looks the same as the last time he stepped down from the train.

Tom, who has left his faithful wife of 54 years behind at their adopted Beverly Hills home while he plays the UK’s summer festivals, told the Chris Evans Radio Two Breakfast Show he was following the strict diet of the Valley Commandos.

“I’d recommend it to anybody. It tells you to get back to what we used to eat when we were hunters and gatherers. Eat anything that’s natural, meat, especially lamb which you must eat raw as much as possible. And it worked, I increased my Welshness by 35 per cent.”

It is also understood that Jones had become concerned that his status as Wales’ number one unreconstructed Lothario was coming under threat from Welsh footballer Ryan Giggs. The Manchester United ace has been linked in recent weeks with just about every woman who has ever come into near contact with him.

Professor of Welshness at Aberystwyth University, Meurig ap Cymro said: “By openly boasting about his taste for red meat Jones is hoping to re-establish his credentials as the’ Welshman’s Welshman’.

“At the height of his womanising Jones has admitted to sleeping with up to 250 women a year, but it appears another prominent Welshman has been trading on the handsome, dark, stranger look to eclipse that figure in a week. This red meat claim is classic Taffy male posturing.”

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